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Company Profile

Tarku Resources Ltd. is an exploration company focused on discovery in the mineral-rich Canadian landscape. The foundation of the company is based on an experienced management team with a track record of success. Tarku intends to implement the proven business model of a project generator, providing access to a number of exciting exploration opportunities while reducing the risk to its shareholders. The management team at Tarku is confident that by utilizing their vast network to identify new projects, procure the necessary capital requirements and single out strategic joint venture partners they will provide a generous opportunity for all investors.

The Tarku team is lead by an extensive line-up of veterans of the industry, representing over 100 years of corporate and technical experience in the mining exploration space collectively. Within those collective 100+ years have been many successes brought about through shear drive and determination. The anticipation for Tarku is for shareholder success through the implementation of strategic property acquisition, the use of proven exploration techniques and the exploitation of fertile ground.

Tarku prides itself on the ability to stay in regular contact with our industry leaders in order to navigate the company with great agility and strength. Tarku intends to add to our property portfolio on a regular basis with projects proven to have great blue sky potential, we expect to attract individuals that will support and strengthen our team , and we anticipate increasing interest from the investment community in order to keep a strong treasury so that we may seize opportunity as it comes.

The success of a company starts at the early stage corporate development, and the structure of Tarku has been created very carefully to allow for growth while focusing on shareholder value.  
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