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Virgin River Property


Tarku Property Location
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The first known mineral occurrences in the area of the Tarku property date back to the 1950's but exploration of the area occurred as early as the 1920's, focusing on base metal mineralization. The first exploration program that covered the entire Tarku property was conducted in 1969 -1970, consisting of airborne EM, magnetic and radiometric surveys over the property followed up by systematic ground checking of the airborne data and other targets, by prospecting, scintillometer and soil surveys. The magnetics nicely identified the Virgin River Shear Zone. In addition, numerous EM conductors and zones of elevated radioactivity associated with granitic lithologies were identified by the airborne survey. No showings of note were found and the property was allowed to lapse as the significance of these findings was not understood at that time.

In the uranium "rush" of the late 1970's portions of the northern part of the property was explored. Airborne "Input" EM, magnetic and radiometric surveys were carried out by the companies followed up by the usual array of surficial radiometric, EM, magnetic, prospecting, geological mapping, soil, lake water and lake sediment surveys. Again, significant prospective geological features were identified by the work but their significance was largely misunderstood in the context of the technical knowledge at that time, and the properties once again were allowed to lapse. A large portion of the property was staked by Claude Resources in 1986 as a gold exploration target. The work on these claims consisted of reconnaissance geological mapping and prospecting that year. The best results were obtained 5 km west of Apsholm Lake where 25 ppb Au and 1,300 ppb Cu in a grab sample was obtained.

In the latest uranium "rush" in the mid 2000's, much of the northern half of the property was covered by an airborne radiometric and magnetic program at 400 metre line spacing. Although the data collected was of very good quality, no significant effort was made to evaluate it and the data requires additional processing. JNR Resources Inc. however, did carry out well documented VTEM, HLEM and ZTEM programs on their properties immediately to the north of the Tarku in 2005, 2008 and 2009 respectively and the very northernmost boundary of the property was "grazed" by JNR's airborne VTEM and ZTEM surveys The work identified multiple conductors, well defined where tested by HLEM and interpreted to be graphitic. These conductors are structurally complex as evidenced by their geometry, magnetic and topographic signatures and definitively strike onto the current Tarku property.

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