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Virgin River Property


Cumulative U, Co, Ni, Pb soil geochemistry
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The 2013 exploration program on the Tarku was a reconnaissance program based on the results of a review of the literature and historic exploration results. Field work consisted of scintillometer-assisted prospecting in areas of interest that had been determined in the historic data review, accompanied by geological observations as well as rock outcrop, systematic soil and lake-sediment sampling and included field visits to known historic mineral occurrences on the property. A total of 102 rock samples (grab and float), 178 soil samples, 218 biogeochemical samples (Black Spruce, White Spruce and Jackpine growth tips) and 3 lake sediment samples were collected.

In terms of the size of the Tarku property, the 2013 program covered only a very small percentage of the property, yet it yielded some very encouraging results including numerous areas of anomalous uranium and pathfinder element concentrations. Significantly, multiple areas of coincident copper, zinc and uranium values were obtained from soil sampling and corroborated by biogeochemical sampling. Rock samples, anomalous in uranium, were collected in the vicinity of anomalous geochemistry indicating the viability of soil and biogeochemical sampling to locate uranium mineralization. Six of 83 rock samples assayed yielded in excess of 5 ppm U (95th percentile = 8.2 ppm). Values of up to 430 ppm Cu, 1,110 ppm Zn, 1,530 Ni and 99 ppm U were obtained from a variety of lithologies.

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