Lac Fabien (Vanadium)


  • Perfectly located to export ore to markets: at only 3km from the railroad
  • All year long road access: 130 km North West of Quebec City
  • 37 claims
  • Grenville Province, Québec
  • Option to acquire 100%

Geological Context

  • Sub-vertical magnetite beds hosted in layered mafic-ultramafic intrusions associated with anorthosite
  • Known since 2001 for it's magmatic Fe-Ti-V-P mineralization potential: 0.58% V2O5, 59.31% Fe2O3 (GM 60997)
  • Recent work: over 25 grab samples containing >0.25% V2O5 distributed in a 1.2 km by 300 m area
  • Preliminary metallurgical tests (Davis Tube): 1.37% to 1.67% V2O5 & 55% to 65% Fe
  • Recent magnetic survey (MERN, 2015) demonstrates that the magnetic anomaly associated with the vanadium mineralization extends over 6 km in length

Why Vanadium?

Tarku is a project generator

  • Strategic Metal
  • Metallurgical additive to strengthening steel (ferrovanadium, 85%) and titanium (10%)
  • Price: Strong and Rises since 2017
  • Recent Vanadium prices rise also thanks to the increasing use and development in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB)
  • No primary vanadium commercial production in North America
  • Opportunity to develop high quality and clean vanadium projects in a safe jurisdiction as Québec Province

Lac Fabien Project

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