Our Mission and Our Values

«Sustainable mineral exploration involves the exploration of areas with strong geologic potential and high levels of social acceptability to reduce investment risk and increase wealth-sharing with host communities.»
– Julien Davy, Tarku Resources’ CEO

Our Values

  • Commitment to Sustainable Project Development 
  • Community Engagement – Work Together & Prosper Together
  • Commitment to Our People – Valuing the people who build our company to create lifelong growth and learning in a safe, inclusive, and engaging team.
  • Respect Our Planet – Safeguarding our Environment today, for tomorrow’s future
  • Leadership – Identifying projects, generating results, using Innovative Technology Innovation, identifying projects, Technology

Our Mission

  • Advancing emerging jurisdictions of strong geological potential.
  • Developing High Potential to Proven Resource through Exploration.
  • Establishing sustainable and ethical approaches to exploration and discovery



Our Management team's prosperity approach closely follows trends in the resource sector by evaluating projects that not only offer mineral diversification but will do so at a timely point in the cycle of that commodity.

This approach can assist in mitigating market downswings, protect shareholder value, and encourage the development of regions that are overly dependent on a given commodity.

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