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Tarku Resources Ltd. is an exploration company focused on discovering sustainable projects for precious and base metals in the mineral-rich Canadian landscape. The foundation of the company is based on an experienced management team with the vision that conducting exploration in areas with strong geologic potential and high levels of social acceptability reduces investment risk and increases wealth-sharing with host communities.

The goal of Tarku is thus to provide success for shareholders through the implementation of sustainable and strategic projects acquisition, the use of innovative and proven exploration techniques and the exploitation of fertile ground.

Tarku diligently applies technically proven and economically feasible measures to protect the environment and the health and safety of all those involved in its exploration activities. Tarku will remain transparent regarding its interests and proposed exploration work, and will comply with good business practices and standards.

Corporate Presentation

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet Vanadium

Maximizing discovery potential


Innovative exploration tools and alternative geological models



Metal and mineral diversification for sought-after commodities


Local Mine Concept

Projects not too far but not too close to communities


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