« Sustainable mineral exploration involves the exploration of areas with strong geologic potential and high levels of social acceptability to reduce investment risk and increase wealth-sharing with host communities

Tarku’s vision: the success of an exploration project is a balance between technical quality and social acceptability in the host environment


Our current integrated approach to mineral exploration is based on:

  • An in-depth understanding of target areas and geological models
  • A collaborative relationship with local communities that allows them to economically benefit from the project
  • A modern approach to exploration using adapted and innovative tools
  • An unconventional perspective on the types of mineralization typically explored for in a target region: our projects are generated using exploration models recognized by the industry, but the models are different than those generally applied to the target region


Rather than explore for the traditional commodities of a mining district, Tarku aims to generate projects with a potential for diversifying the commodity base. This approach counteracts market downswings, which vary according to commodity, by simultaneously reducing the risk of exploring for a single commodity and encouraging the development of regions that are overly dependent on a given commodity.

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