Bullion (Au, Cu-Zn)


  • 100% Eureka, acquired by Project Generation
  • 26 claims, 1 435 ha
  • 25 km NNE of Chibougamau
  • Cree communities of Mistissini (category III lands), Eeyou Istchee James-Bay territory
  • Year-round access via the Route du Nord highway

Geological Context

  • Northern limit of the Abitibi – a region that has seen relatively little historical work (some stratigraphic drilling in 1984)
  • Adjacent and along the East extension of our Richardson Project
  • 5 km along the margin of a sedimentary basin encompassing historical result of 2 g/t Au over 2m (Not listed in the SIGÉOM database), associated with 10% Po-Py within the Gilman amphibolite, close to the volcano-sedimentary sequence of the Blondeau (drill hole T-1, MB87-10)
  • fleche-droite1  Favourable setting for gold
  • Cu and Zn trace (drill hole T-3) in mafic schists of the Blondeau
  • fleche-droite1  Favourable VMS setting

2016 Work

  • Prospecting and sampling
  • Favourable Gold context recovered

Bullion Project

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