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Virgin River Property

Discussion and Conclusions

U soil geochemistry and U in rock samples
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The property is located along a major crustal boundary in the Virgin River Fault, an important feature which creates a structurally favorable setting for the deposition of significant mineral deposits. Mapping has indicated that the property as underlain by prospective metasedimentary, volcanic and intrusive lithologies, and has verified that several historic poorly to well-defined northeast-trending EM conductors are graphitic. These have all been affected by numerous structural events related to re- activation of the Virgin River Fault. This geological setting gives significant encouragement for the discovery of structurally-related uranium and other mineral deposits. Uranium mineralization is generally linked to the confluence of several criteria, most notably; the presence of graphitic EM conductors within metasedimentary packages, major re-activated northeast-trending fault systems that have been disrupted by obliquely cross-cutting subsidiary structures and the presence of uranium-enriched source rocks, in many cases granitic. All of these attributes have been identified on the Tarku property, but exploration to date has only nominally focused on these features.

Sampling to date has identified anomalous concentrations of copper, zinc, and uranium from a handful of locations. Although these results are sub-economic, they are not to be unexpected; as the significant clay alteration and intense faulting associated with a typical unconformity-related Athabasca deposit typically results in topographically recessive zones of mineralization. The fact that there is the presence of elevated values of these metals is encouraging as they are all significant pathfinders for uranium exploration, and are commonly peripheral to uranium mineralization. Biogeochemical and soil surveys on the property in areas where significant mineralization was identified, illustrate that these methods may be useful as exploration vectoring tools in areas of interest. The geological setting of the Tarku property is prospective for basement- hosted, unconformity-related uranium. Despite the lack of sandstone cover at Tarku, the existence of significant uranium mineralization at Dufferin Lake and the Centennial Zone in a similar geological setting along strike of Tarku effectively illustrates this potential. The property has yet to be adequately explored for the presence of such a mineralized system.

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